Wednesday, March 5, 2014


     Well, I renewed my gym membership that I had let lapse for over 2 years. With the weather being so bad- icy and cold- I no longer have an excuse not to be out moving in one way or another.

     I am fortunate, that in my town, the local gym is owned and operated by a Chiropractor and Physical Therapy group. Even in my small town, the gym has a good selection of free weights, weight machines, and cardio equipment. It even has an indoor heated pool.

     The pool is what I have missed the most. I used to swim in high school and college. That was my favorite cardio! I had been swimming each day after work, up until a work related injury 2 years ago. I still have decreased range of motion (ROM) in my right shoulder with pain, that has kept me from the water. I will have to work hard in increasing my ROM in that shoulder, and stretching that area out so I can return to the pool soon.

     I did go work out this morning prior to driving to my graduate school class in the "Big City". 25 minutes on the elliptical doesn't seem like much, but my gluteal and thigh muscles beg to differ.

    Add to that the two days of hauling and throwing hay in this cold weather, and squatting up and down while painting the lower half of the guest muscles are screaming this week! I feel pretty good.

    Weigh in this morning 161.7 pounds (In sweats)...
Slowly but surely the weight is heading in the right direction.

     Still working on portion control.

     Went to a "Beer" dinner with my daughter last night. An annual event at a local restaurant that my husband and I have been attending for several years.  A four course meal served with a different beer with each serving.  I tasted each beer offering, taking several sips with each course, but never even got to the half way point of the bottle/glass with any of them.  Enjoyed each pairing with the food offered, but did not over do it. I even took half of the main entrée home.  Funny thing was...when I asked for the "To go carton..." that opened the door for other women sitting at other tables at the dinner to do the same.  I think everyone was waiting to see if some else was going to ask first...ME! ME!...that was ME!

So the journey continues.
Blessing to you on your personal journey...

(Happy Fat Tuesday!)

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