Tuesday, January 28, 2014

BLAHS! Go away please

Well Sunday was not too bad. I was feeling a little better, and my husband got free tickets to the PBR. We took the family to the rodeo and afterwards my daughter wanted to go to the mall.  I did get some walking in during the visit to the mall.

 Monday was a day of sleep. Sunday wore me out more than I thought, and I did nothing but sleep the day away.  But then I work nights, so I was just reverting back to my normal schedule.

Apparently it snowed a little last night, and I still haven't figured what I am going to do with myself today other than study for an exam I am having tomorrow.  I have had the "Munchies" for the past two days...So the week's worth of steroids for my breathing trouble has kicked in good, I guess. Necessary evil! Needed it to breath, not helping my waistline a bit!

So this week has not been very productive.

Maybe a little depression going on. ???

I have been off my Lexapro for several months now.
I was only on it for six months. It helped a little, but I didn't understand how much until I found myself "Ripping" my poor husband's head off the other day for hurting my feelings...he had no idea that he did so, and I flew off the handle.

 I am going to have to find a little stress relief to help settle my nerves can revive my zest for life.  It's tough sometimes! But I guess it's okay to be sad sometimes. Life's a cycle, and you can not always be on top. Just having a "BLAH!" day today.
My your journeys be less "Bumpy" than mine.
Not Happy Today!

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